Russian-Israeli vocalist Alina sparks memories of classic jazz and blues singers, which she layers with R&B, funk, and rock elements to create her unique voice. Influenced by Etta James, Stevie Wonder, and Sarah Vaughan, she carries on their tradition while staying fresh, and bridging between tradition and innovation.


Alina is a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts and was placed on the honors list for her academic achievements. She feels honored to have studied with Johnaye Kendrick, Randy Halberstadt, and Dawn Clement, who helped her enhance her musicianship. She keeps collaborating with other amazing local musicians such as Eric Verlinde, Chris Symer, Clipper Anderson, Mark Ivester, and D’Vonne Lewis, to name a few.


From a young age, Alina expressed her passion for performance. She attended art schools, and was deeply involved in the choir, theater, and dance. Alina recorded, toured Israel, and performed in festivals and private events, as well as making several appearances on the Russian-Israeli TV, and radio.


In 2005, fresh out of high school, Alina immigrated to Seattle to further her musical career. She began collaborating with a few local folk/rock/Latin bands who performed in various venues, festivals, benefit concerts, and private events around Seattle such as Sunset Tavern, Comet, Chop Suey, Mix Lounge, and Artopia festival.


Between 2012-2014, Alina traveled in South America and Europe, which recharged and refreshed her perspective about the importance of being exposed to a wide variety of distinct local music and art. This sparked the idea of going back to school, which led Alina to pursue her Bachelor’s degree at Cornish.  




“Alina can bring emotion to a ballad and swing hard on an uptempo standard. Her sound is bright and strong and can move to mellow and intimate in a heartbeat.” ~ Kelly Harland